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We are in the process of having a lawyer involved

Using a different moniker (but this is in reference to below) — We are in the process of having a lawyer involved in this whole mess. Electrical bill was over $6000, phone bill was over $500, cable bill was over $500, not to mention the numerous credit card accounts that were opened. They even had the gall to file bankruptcy in his name and then forged my dad’s signature. What a mess!! My sister then subsequently committed suicide 2 years ago when we were getting really close to finding out the whole extent of this mess.

I’ve noticed, too, that on almost all of these “pre-approved” credit offers, there is almost always a clause somewhere on the offer which gives the toll-free number to opt out of these offers. If you really don’t want the offers, all you have to do is call.

That is so tragic! How could they have expected to go all the way with the bankruptcy? Or did they? Wouldn’t your dad eventually have had to be present with his i.d. for court? Well, best of luck in this situation. Keep us informed.

It’s a sobering look at debt and spending, and how addictive it can be for some people. What, in the end, did your sister gain from it?

You see, I don’t understand how they filed the bankruptcy in the first place. There was a court fee and they had the “forged” signature notarized by an alleged “friend” of theirs. I don’t understand the ins and outs of bankruptcy, but I would think that they would have to show proof of some sort that it was my father who was filing, which it was not. This all happened when my father was 76. My ex-slug-BIL certainly doesn’t look that old. He even forged one of my father’s checks to a methadone clinic! Man was I hot under the collar on that one, to the point where I called the methadone clinic up and asked them if that was their usual policy of accepting forged checks and before I even told him who had forged it, he said my ex-slug-BILs name, so apparently there had been prior problems with him at the clinic. What a sad mess this all turned into! They bilked my dad to the tune of over $200,000!

Sad part is, she’s gone now, and we’re still finding out what kind of damages they did to a man who didn’t deserve it!!!