I am sure everyone already knows this

I am sure everyone already knows this, but it is always worth repeating. You may decide to Opt-Out and the CC offers will eventually come to a complete halt.

There are a very few exceptions listed below, but one place to look is http://www.experian.com/blogs/ask-experian/credit-education/preapproved-credit-offers/opt-out/. You can google this, but I am skeptical of a scam artist coming up on Google. You can get info at any of the 3 CRAs, Clark Howard’s website and maybe even Dave Ramsey’s.

Exceptions (keyword here is MAY):

If you apply for any credit at all, like $500 payday loan or even more, it may UN-opt you out and you may need to go through this again. I have also found that since I am the President of a local non-profit status that recently incorporated, I am getting berated again in my name and/or the incorporation’s name. I am not sure how to stop those yet.

You may still receive offers as a promotional in the name of some organization you belong to. One example, I still get them in the name of my College Alumni organization.

You may also get solicitations from companies you are already doing business with.

It has been nice not receiving those solicitations anymore. Also, learn how to improve your saving skills in order to borrow less in the future.