I had a fabulous mail day today

Hey all 🙂

I had a fabulous mail day today. I got in the mail my first CC Bill that did NOT include a Return envelope!!! WOOHOO I got my statement from Sam’s Club saying ZERO balance 🙂 I hve it up on my fridge LOL I’m such a dork i know but its a huge accomplishment it feels like. Later on this month I can pay off my Home Depot card!

Today was a pretty good day. My last of my 3 days off. I went to pay my rent and did my coupon shopping. I got 3 bags of Iams tarter control treats for free. They were on sale for $4.49 and I had 3 coupons from sunday’s paper for free up to $6. Dogs got some extra treats that they normally wouldn’t have gotten:)

I got some free Rolaids soft chews free after coupon… same deal- coupon was in the sunday paper… i got 3 and since we don’t use Rolaids- I gave them to a friend that I knew does:)

I also got some really inexpensive stuff we needed… hand-soap, toothbrushes, mac & Cheese (they had it on sale in a 12 pack box and it ended up being $43 cents a box. that stuff is 60 cents a box individually….) that’s about it there…

I did get 4 new towels. Our towels had holes in em and really needed to be worked out….. JCPenny was having a sale, their $8 towels are on sale for $3.88! So i picked 2 new colors… 2 of each color. I know i could have done with the older towels but we’ve had those for 8 years and i was in some pick me up treat…. I washed them and they are so plump compared to my old ones!

That’s my day…. all in all a good day:) I came home and did housework and get ready to close tomorrow night at work. I’ll be working at my current store thru next week and then be moving to the new store. I am anxious and nervous at the same time:)