I’d like to find another attorney but don’t have the money

The ex used Legal Aid, a free legal help agency for low income people, so i can’t ever use that agency for the rest of my life. Talk about unfair. To get an attorney I’d need to put up $500 cash then add other things like filing fees and all those other expenses. My income right now is about $550 a month. I’ve got to pay rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, and cell phone (no regular phone). At least my car does really good on gas mileage and i make sure to get oil changes every 3 months so the engine doesn’t get messed up.

I’ve never done ponchos. I’ll have to look around to find some easy patterns. Just remember, I’m still mostly a beginner at knitting. The more advanced patterns are still a bit too complicated for me. I don’t know how to sew and would like to learn how but don’t have the money for lessons right now.

For cs i’m planning to get it adjusted soon. My oldest will be 18 soon and will graduate high school next spring. Support ends when she’s 18 and graduates no matter what.