If she goes to college it will have to be with loans and grants

I’m in Michigan. My point is that last year i earned $13,000 and he made about $24,000. If she goes to college it will have to be with loans and grants. i’ve tried ebay but to really do well i have to find a way to get pictures to put in the ads. No digital camera and no regular camera, just those disposable one-use cameras, which really cost too much for only using a couple of pictures.

With the cs and being garnished for the ex’s van i’m lucky to get half what i actually earn ($600 in my paycheck a month). The cheapest place i can find to rent is $500 a month. So right now my son is using the spare bedroom in my parents house and i’m sleeping next to the washer and dryer in the back room (no privacy and by the back door 🙁 but at least its better than being homeless) and the rent isn’t much, enough to cover the extra sewage and electric bill. Oh, and my son is autistic impaired high functioning (very smart but zero common sense and no clue how to behave socially). He also doesn’t cope with change well and just me working a half hour late can mess him up for the rest of the day. I work early mornings and my folks are around for him when i work.

I think everyone or nearly everyone here is in financial trouble. that’s what i like about coming here, knowing that i’m not alone and that other people can understand things better than someone who doesn’t have any serious trouble with debts. hearing that others are slowly getting their debts paid off.

Somebody wrote: I’m not sure what state your in…but some states make the CS stay in place if the child goes to college.

Are you able to do ebay? I do it when I need extra and it’s easy.

I can’t advise much since I’m in a terrible financial predicament myself 🙁

I feel like it’s ruining my life right now.