Just another spin on the CVS story

My husband works for CVS [ after they bought out eckerd , for which he had worked for over 15 years before the buyout ] …

CVS is not nice to its employees . this is what i personally know !


i have also heard/read [ don’t remember which ] , that the instigators of the company started it with the intent in mind , that employee satisfaction / happiness/ healthy relationship with employees is NOT at all of ANY concern of theirs . i wish i’d remember how it went , i only remember that i was flabbergasted by their brashness and uncaring attitude . they were taking the idea , that an employee was only a number to the next level .

as it goes , as a family ,.we could NOT make it of his paycheck alone … even if we ate beans and rice every day for breakfast , lunch and dinner ! much less buy a house , car or send kids to college ….. his paycheck is sooo small , i think we would qualify for food stamps ! and that after close to 20 years with the company !!!