My credit union says i will need a co-signer

Okay, i checked at my CU and looks like if i want the $20k loan i will need 2-4 down-payment and a co-signer. that’s got me thinking if i go with dealer financing will i still be subject to those conditions? if its like that i will never get a car, maybe i should downsize for a cheaper car but ven if i do go with something that’s about 17k i will still need about 20k for the other costs.

Since this blog is about getting out of debt, not how to go further into debt, you have opened yourself to some questions and scrutiny.

  • Why would still need $20k?
  • Do lack credit or have bad credit?
  • Is there something you are not telling us?

If you are in dire straights for transportation and can not buy one outright, buy the cheapest you can from a reputable dealer. Make payments on it for at least 4 months, then ask the CU to buy the loan or refinance it to a lower interest rate.

Do you really need to spend that much on a car? is there a special transportation need you have? i’m not suggesting a clunker, but you should be able to find a decent used vehicle for about 1/2 that amount – you may need to look more, maybe change some thought pattern of what you need the vehicle for – is it status or transporation? Since I don’t know your circumstances, I don’t know the answer – I know I bought “too much” car once, got caught up in payments that I really couldn’t afford and ended up losing the car (voluntary repo) and I still had to pay MORE than the original loan – after 3 years of payments – with various fees and penalties – an expensive lesson well learned. Now my car is paid for – it’s an older model – no bells and whistles – but it does what I need it to do – get me from A – B reliably. Just a thought!

I’m confused about your post too. Just as a way to help you with what I think you might be asking is, do you really need $20k for a car? What for? Are there other debts you already have? If not, and your goal is to own a new or newer vehicle, but you can’t get a loan on your own for it now, just go for a used car you can pay for fairly quickly. Do you need to get a co-signer to help build your credit? If so, you still may want to start with something way lower priced than $17K. Don’t let a dealership sucker you into that. There are more cost effective ways to get a decent running car.

Do you need it just to drive to work? The last vehicle my husband and I purchased was $3000.00 from a personal seller. It was a 1997 SUV in perfect running conditioning, had some dings and bangs on the body, and only needed minor maintenance, that we could do ourselves. We have no payments on it. Only insurance, fuel and maintenance costs (now and then). It’s still way cheaper than financing a car. We’ll probably keep it until we run it into the ground! It keeps us out of debt that’s for sure.