This was very good advice

This was very good advice. How surprising it was when my father received a call from a credit card asking him if he had just tried to pay a bill online with his CC to the tune of $1200. Well, if the credit card company had not called him, we would have never found that my sister and her husband were using his credit to their advantage and to my dad’s disadvantage.

When we started to investigate, we found out they had opened numerous accounts in his name, had put their power, phone, and internet accounts in his name (he didn’t even know what the internet was) and then stopped paying on these things. What the credit card company did by limiting this person’s credit was a benefit to him (which he probably will never understand). Anyway, just thought I would share. I’ve learned so much from this group – I’ve only one more debt to resolve and it should be done in about 2-1/2 months!!! YAHOO!!!

Wow – what a story! Your poor Dad! That’s another very good reason it would be a good thing the cc companies to monitor accounts more. What eventually happened with your Dad? Was he able to resolve all the mess your sister and her husband created? I hope so! And – congratulations on your debts being so close to paid!

Of course they are! “Mo’ Money” is right! It’s a shame when you can go over your limit by 2.00 and pay 30.00 or more for it. Pure profit for them, just like the overdraft fees by the bank.